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Nocturnal (GER), Thrash with the Devil CD.

Nocturnal - Thrash with the Devil

It was something like early 2000 when I met this band, just with a rotten CDr burned from a friend of mine, in those years, when even if some people were bitching (sometimes contradictory, as usual in the last years of Metal scene), many -NOT TO SAY ALL- were downloading happily a lot of stuff from servers as Emule, or just blogs (me included). You know, the times when everything just started to definitely change; I would say, not for Metal only, but for the entire society and world. Anyway...
At the same time, those were the years in which the called "retro-thrash" -or anything- was striking the scene and we use to get so many children "dressed" for a masquerade ball with white tennis, jackets with 666 patches, and hair-cuts "like in the 80s". Even if some people bitched stupid attitudes, in some way I suppose, garbage can also get some good -or at least interesting- points. You know, maybe sometimes you can find some pieces of gold in the sewer. From that time to now there are many bands, that, even following style of the classics, are worthy and metallers can yet say "are good". Get my point.
Of course, Nocturnal is led by committed people, I know, people involved in the scene and contributing to make it bigger, or at least to still fighting and survive. Sometimes I get a kind of strange hallucinations or supposed Metal ideas, that gets my mind to think on occult Metal forces that put things were things should be, giving the honor to raise a Metal banner to those that deserve it. Then, I would say Nocturnal are among the chosen. Once you put this CD to run, the simple fact that you are going to listen is evil thrash Metal in its rawest form!!! A noisy recording, even those that expect to "professional releases" would say this release is totally fucked!!! Of course, you, merciless warrior of darkness, know what this really means: EXTREME AND TRADITIONAL METAL IN ITS ESSENCE!!! We, the clandestine and bloody metallers want METAL!!! Not "professional releases". Let these for posers!!! Hahahahaaaaa... We value more than "professional" skills. Even not being something bad, there are also other important things in priority. So, this entire release of Nocturnal is something that you will delight!!! I had never "musical skills" (neither want too), but is obvious there are not a lot to analyze. Just the noise of Nocturnal is raw. Hardly I can listen the bass (in fact that is my fault, I almost cannot listen to this in any Metal recording, hahaha...) and cannot listen to the entire drums, but cymbals only (even the demo as bonus easily any drug addict or drunk could say has no drums...).
This CD includes "Thrash with the Devil" MLP, but also "Rites of the Black Mass" demo. I have the 2012 version from THRASHING RAGE RECORDS, that in fact, nobody know so much, but I guess it is very close to the band; you know, like a confident label. In total it has 11 tracks. Speaking about the booklet, I would say it kills, just in grey colors with many pics of these bastards dressed like a reincarnation of old Teutonic thrashers and that. Bullets, patches, chains and satanic worship in its impure form!!!! If you ask me, "Chainsaw Carnage" and "Thrash Attack" are what I like the most. All in all, it is a killer release about a band among the "worthy" on the last decades. If you ask for a reference they are truly descendants of Destruction, aborted from devilish harlots fucked with the satanic lust of Schmier... THRASH TILL DEATH!!!

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Tyrannic (Australia) - Ethereal Sepulchre

Tyrannic (Australia) - Ethereal Sepulchre, CD.
I have been speaking with the guy of the band and waiting this promo stuff since 666 centuries ago. So, it finally arrived to the morbid crypts almost 2 months later!!! Once I open the pack, I was fucking near to damage the cover, because the pack was almost tight. Hopefully my rusty blade is fucked and don´t cut anything... The first you can see in the cover are 3 bastards maniacs in a cemetery in some kind of desecration ritual; at least I guess so. The stuff comes in something like digipack, but flat. I have like this presentation. Colors you perceive are in deadly purple. I guess covers in this way looks fucking nice!!! Once you open the CD, you can find some metallic handwritten font, beside some primitive skulls and bats. Going to the noise unleashed, I would call this a kind of blackened/doomed deathrash. Did you have heard something before??? I guess it is not common. Even currently in the over saturated Metal scene, when we have 66666666666666666666666666666666666 bands on earth and hell, even nobody know where the fuck to find, even internet being not totally useful to know what is going on and that; even currently with much bands being just clones of others, even fucking dressing themselves as fucking clowns, only imitating "the old bands" and that... Even having bands that only pray cult to the elder legends (don´t get me wrong, I don´t want "new things", but classical), I guess Tyrannic shows us that is possible to get a touch of originality, at least when it comes to take elements from different styles and mix them properly. What you can hear here is a bestial raw deathrash noise, but with much doomy touches; even in some place I have heard something very close to a summoning of Black Sabbath. Riffs are raw with some funereal passages, not only "slow" but giving a sensation of total perdition. Vocals are as expected in extreme Metal bands (but there are something like clean voices that I don´t really like, fortunately for my morbid ears, these voices are very few; only in 1 songs if I´m not wrong), drums strikes deadly when it should do that and being slow and hard as a mortal hammer when it should. Even being a "raw" band, not complex riffs or that -what I always want of course-, I can say they have a lot of changes and some songs seems a bit long (more or a bit lesss than 10 minutes? Having only 4 songs it reaches near to 40 minutes). However, because it has a lot of changes, you won´t turn fucking bored. It is a bestial voyage to damnation!!! If you ask me for more references, beside Black Sabbath for the slow/other touches, I would mention early Sodom and also early Sepultura. They also have some bit of melodic sound, here or there, where I would say they have summoned a sinister spirit of an evil Iron Maiden. For sure this band is praying for the cult of the classics, with some interesting touch of originality. I would highly recommend this piece of Metal for those that want something extreme as usual to be expected in my zine, but at the same time with some obscure and slow passages, which gives the enough originality or own personality to this Australian band!!!

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Reviews 1

Extract from LOT zine #1 (2009).

Abhorrot (Aus) – Death in Blasphemy demo tape: I have here the 2nd version which is in black cover and DIY mood as I can check. Bastards, do you know what the fuck I have here??? It is death Metal in the old kind!!! Rotten, simple and raw recordings. The demo starts violently, but other tracks are quieter; voice has reverb which makes it seems so obscure and brings you to doom!!! Drums stucking with force but also here are some parts to make mosh. 7 tracks of sounds of death that no supposed death Metal worshipper could loss (includes a cover from Nihilist). This is Death Metal from Austria a country with not a lot of bands, so get it ‘cos it is good and rare (at least for me). By the way the dude from Abhorrot is also from Abhorrent Decay paper zine, just for you to know. Contact at: Thomas Heumesser / Rembrandtstrasse 18 – 7 / A – 1020 Wien / Austria. And to the e – mail:

Anarkhon (Bra) – Obesidade Mórbida CDr: RRRoooaaarrrggg!!! Conchesumadreeee!!! Rrruuuaaarrrggg!!!!! Simply it is the kind of death Metal that I like and which I grew up!!! This has the tunes similar to old Cannibal Corpse, mixed with old Massacre and Impetigo, just to give some names of the classic; some blast beats, guttural voice, slow parts, to make mosh, some obscure parts, to release the most depravated of the inside, some drums in  thrash velocity and yeah! It has some many riffs, but it is not the “ultratechnic/no passion/no feeling/only money ‘cos I’m a good musician” shit!! As some of nowadays are. Lyrics are in Portuguese, which gives a special aura and charm that I like so much (at least I like it). The topics are in the classic gore, zombie, necrophiliac tastes, pools of blood, executions, mutilations and the whole of this! The cdr comes with a sticker upon the cd and it is inside a cartoon case, yeah, similar to vynils, but in cd size. For now the dudes have progressed a lot, and until I know some german label will release this stuff on pro CD. Dude believe me, if you are into this kind of death, simply it will fill your tastes!!! For now, I confess myself an Anarkhon worshipper!!! If you want something contact:

Aflictis Lentae (Fra) – Chaos, Fire, Hate tape: A misanthropic War Metal from France. One man band; psychotic and depravated, this dude unleashes all his hate to mankind with this 8 tracks tape. This tape is a kind of compilation from it’s 7” and 3” (?). The sounds are violent and merciless. Afflictis Lentae shows its whole hatred against weak humans!!! The vocals are linked with black Metal and the drums are real fast and violent. Guitar riffs are into black Metal, with some obscurity and slow parts that makes you reflection your nasty condition of human being. Take this tape and prepare you for the humans holocaust. Contact: By the way, you can get this tape from Evil Spirit distro, then if you are near to Perú enter in contact with the owner. I will make you a considerable discount, ’cos I know you will be near to death with this tape.

Bogalj (Mon) – Primitive Sounds promo tape: Again from Montenegro. Some strange mid tempo thrash or something, with a black voice. One more time lyrics are in Montenegrian or I dunno what!!! A dement voice for sure; 3 tracks promo (1 intro). The last one is faster than the 1st; the riffs are dirty and it turns into a schizoid black Metal. I dunno why but voice is louder on this. We should to expect to some another stuff from Bogalj to make a whole veredict ‘cos this is a bit short. For sure seekers of exotic and dirty / violent Black Metal will want to get it!!! I like the primitive ways of Xeroxed and d.i.y. cover!!! Contact: Milovan Novakovic / Farmaci B.B. / 81 000 Podgorica / Crna Gora / Montenegro. Or bogubitnjak@cg.yu  (this guy is the same from Iguman, and also runs the zine Zapisnik)

Dimentiaton (USA) – Live Promo CDr: I could call this a kind of Black / Death Metal, with some technic and “doomy” (but not in the way of “doom”) parts. 1st track starts furious, a violent drums stucking like old brazilian or some european bands, riffs are raw and dirty. On the middle of track some slow and some mysterious riffs. On minute 4 some part that seems me a bit technic; after the violence returns. 2nd track, starts with some technic riffs and after a black metal riffs, too crude!! A bit short, just 2 min. compared with the 1st which has 6 min. Track 3, “brazilian violence” is perceived on drums at the beginning, to follow some technic and after some strange / black riffs to show an obscure feeling. On the min. 3 some quiet part that I’d like to call “reflexive part”, it makes you to meditation between a storm of violence. At the end of track some quiet and slow riffs gives a sensation of doom. Too long track, aprox. 7 min. Track 4 starts at the most pure black metal style. I think it is the most particular track in the promo “Breath Deep”; some fucking blackened / doom riffs leads us to the final gates; this track reaches the 8 min!!! Two guitars works too well on this last ending. The final track is on the same style mixing death and black voice; short track, just 3min. For info or particular check, contact: Dimentianon / 31 Cedar Ridge Drive / Ridge, NY 11961 / USA. Or contact Mike, member of the band, who also runs Paragon rec. As an anecdote, this live promo was recorded opening for Obituary and Incantation.

Distrocer (Bra) – ??????: it came to me in a simple cdr without cover from the same guy of the band Carlos Alexandre, and I’m not sure what kind of stuff is. Includes 3 tracks, from those for me the real fucking best and excellent is “Filhos da Guerra”!!! A track which talks about the horrors of war and that shit. When you listen the chorus you can check the fury and rage of this brazilian maniacs n bastards!!! One more time the lyrics in Portuguese seems me so interesting, really I like this kind of brazilian bands which sings in his native language. On second track “Key of Hell” some influences of Destruction are perceived and strongly clear. The final track is a kind of “changed instruments” because vocals is on drums, and drums is on guitar and that kind of matter, real strange and underground recording (including errors), not easy to get I think. A good thrash Metal from Brazil, then check it and try to contact ‘cos the dudes also have some other stuffs. Write to:

Eternal Exhumation (Per) – promo 2008 CDr: Just 3 tracks for this promotional cdr. Around of 10 minutes could give us an idea of what Eternal Exhumation is. However a bit short, aprox. 10 or 12 minutes. The style could be called a brutal death metal, without too much virtuosism. Brutal, with programmed drums and raw and good riffs. The whole promo tracks were recorded by “one man” if I’m not wrong. You can contact me to get the promo cdr, ‘cos it was moved by Evil Spirit distro. Let’s wait for the demo debut, which is near to come, in summer 2009 as I got noticed (it means Peruvian summer, between January and March ’09).

Evil Damn (Per) - …through black abysses CDr demo: This is the demo debut from Evil Damn. The band shows a violent death metal, with a furious and full of hatred machine drums (some could call it the kind of brutal death). The riffs and lyrics have the old style, raw for riffs and occult and demoniac for lyrics. The demo has a good sound recording, really good produced. 6 tracks of Peruvian Death Metal and also plays a cover from Sarcófago: The Black Vomit. Cover has the lyrics to follow the path of the occult and barbaric death metal!!! The whole lyrics are based into the occult and the Necronomicon matter so if you like the occult stuff you will have here not only a good death Metal, but also some approach to the dark illusions of the topics!!! To get more info check the interview on this issue.

Goat Tyrant (Pol) – Necromantical Curse demo tape: A beginning that reminds some old riffs as Bathory or Kreator (1sts prods.), but with “machine gun” beats. The voice is into old Black Metal. Track 2, the drum violence stills remains and some thrasher riffs. The sound recording is noisy and primitive, specially for the seekers of raw Metal it will be a delight! A simple cover, minimalistic and using cut n’ paste. Cover has a draw as “grabado” from S. XVII or similar shit. Necromantical Curse, track 3, I think is the most violent in the demo which drums are too “unstopping”, however the sounds always has similar riffs to Venom or Hellhammer. Track 5 is a cover from Nihilist, “Supossed to Rot”. The final track is a bit short and has a quickly and holocaustic solo as in the old Metal was. If you’re looking for extremely, underground, raw and old style Metal, this stuff is an obligation for you. By the way, you shouldn’t try to seek some sound in the web, ‘cos you won’t find anything. I got this stuff by trade, then you should to do something similar, or send your dirty money in a snail mail. Contact the frontman: Michal Dolinsky / Ul. Krasinskiego 18 B / 83 – 110 Tczew / Poland. Or (this dude also runs the zine Complete Necro).

Hell (Fra) – The Arrival of the Eternal Reign of Evil demo tape: Minimalistic & primitive are words that can describe this black metal from France. It has 3 tracks on 14 minutes. Pro cover, minimalistic and printed by both sides, showing a pic of the blasphemers in the inlay and pro tape. For me the track 3 is the best, which has some cold and good darkest melodies. Voice is on the classic way of the style. Don’t expect inmiserycord drumblasting black metal ‘cos it isn’t in that way, but some in the riffs style of sounds as Venom or Bathory, maybe slower on drums. Get this slow or mid tempo black metal at: Stephan Vertey / Chemin du fort Bonnelle / 52200 Langres / France or write to the e – mail:

Helltorment (Per) – I invoke thee demo tape:  the stuff here is a kind of black/death/thrash with riffs in the classic ways. I mean that here you can find some influences as Sarcófago, Destruction, Desaster; etc. Some thrash riffs with the blast beats (I think it is usual and common on this days and last years, mmmmmm…). This is a one man horde, this dude plays the whole instruments here and we can say that the dude executes it very well for the style that he practices. Lyrics are written into the satanic and blackened shit. It is a tape with sticker, with a cartoon as cover printed by both sides. Try to contact this dude and try to find it, ‘cos maybe for now it is total sold out, however the dude has other releases in many labels, some EP and also a full length recently released; then try to check something. Contact at:

Iguman (Mon) – Demo 2006 tape: Chaotic Black Metal from Montenegro; fast, violent, dirty and a suffering voice, it should come from pits of hell!!! Three tracks (1 of this an intro) of bestial and holocaustic noise. Titles are in Yugoslavian or I dunno what, then I couldn’t talk about lyrics or themes. The 3rd track is the most fucking violent and impiadous on this demo. The vocalist is burning in hell again and some epic sounds behind the slaughter machine drum. It has an outro, some sounds from nowhere who gives tranquility for you to go to your tomb and lie eternally… funeral, strange and quiet sounds of death. Contact: bogubitnjak@cg.yu

Infernal Conjuration (Mex) – Tremendous Plague demo: old style Death Metal from México!!! Here we have other band which plays Death Metal in the classical ways. Just to give a reference about the sounds, it reminds the old Pestilence, Death (some riffs so similar), old Morbid Angel or Mortem. The dudes uses this old influences and also the voice is influenced by this kind of Metal, with a bit remind of “Chuck + Mamelli” or something. The drums stucks as the velocity of old Death Metal made, just in some part extreme blast beats. Some good solos on this demo and riffs are too crude. Something that I can say as the best part of the demo are the vokills, which really sounds demential and bestial!!!  4 tracks of Death Metal in the old vein, I think in the last times this kind of death is reappearing, which is a good thing for me. Check some info about these dudes in the interview.

Lantern (Fin) – Virgin Taste of Damnation demo tape (also available on CDr): Great CARAJO! The first, at listen this demo, is to feel the old feeling, specially by the sound recordings and reverb on voice. A fast and violent Death Metal as in the old ways, remembering it’s old finnish comrades. 2nd track starts a bit quiet, to pass quickly to the same “raging death” of the first; and a slow part on the middle to make a balance of death. 3rd track, a slow part to be possessed by a not too violence on drums, more into thrash velocity, but violent, not to mosh, just to destroy and hit others; again a slow part which sounds some mysterious for me, a good track for the soul transmigration. Track 4, it starts with a solo “from beyond” and some voices of death makes the last call. This last one is hard and slow, to finish the demo with a sensation similar to “all is lost and you’ll never return from death!” Anyway, get this Death Metal piece at any cost! Some of the finnish bands which keeps the old death metal feeling and raise the banner of Finland Death Noise!!!.

Merciless Crucifixion (Gre) – Airesis demo. Pro Cdr: what do you think can find in a band called Merciless Crucifixion??? Nothing! Only Metal in the most cruelty and insane mood!!! Total cult to the goat and offenses to the crucified one. If I should to put a label, it would be a kind of Black/Death as some hordes from Hellas knows how to make, but also with some thrasher sounds to make the respective mosh. The stuff has 6 tracks (the most with intros) of infernal desecrations and black mockeries, featuring a cover from Sarcófago: INRI  (the best cover for this band, ‘cos is linked with the moniker; I think a lot of dudes in Hellas are Sarcófago worshipers isn’t it?). The most of the tracks are violent, with some slow and hard parts, well then don’t expect so much mercy when you were near to be crucified in merciless ways!! I recommend it for sure, really it possessed me since the 1st time that I check the moniker in a zine, really it is impressive and impactant, as the music itself. Prepare your pen, ‘cos the dude are not thinking in boys and infants, only the Metal men. Write to: A.H. Virus / Thessalias, 81 / 188 63 / Perama – Piraeus / Greece.

Necrofucker (Per) – Demencia Precoz demo tape: Rooaarrgg!!! This demo should to be on streets 20 years ago, but it came recently in 2008. 7 tracks of Peruvian last 80’s deathrash!!! Recording is noisy and primitive, without any kind of “clearness” and “nice things”. Vocals have a particular style, sung in spanish and too demential. Walter Profanador made on this his first apparition on the scene, ‘cos after he formed Anal Vomit, also Toñyn Destructor is featured on drums. The tape comes with gloosy cover and sticker for tape. So contact el tio Walter Profanador with a snail mail, ‘cos he is trapped in time, and doesn’t know any shit about technology and internet! A lot of copies remains, then you are in time to pick one. If you’re a fucking lazy, can send me an e – mail and I’ll inform him about your interest. Even I have some copies in Evil Spirit distro, but I preefer to support el tio Walter. If you’re in the real underground, take paper, a pen and write to: Walter Profanador / Jr. Quilca 336 – 2do piso / Lima 01 – Perú.

Pathogen (Phi) – Blasphemous Comunion tape: Early 90s Death Metal! Here we can find some sounds like Benediction, Death, Incantation. A dirty noise of death from this phillipinean bastards. Some slow parts gives the atmosphere of obscurity which is required (some part from 2nd track “Blood Orgy” reminds me some old demo from a Peruvian band). The voice is similar to Massacre or Benediction; dirty and raw guitar riffs. Few riffs which are repeated in the song, however it doesn’t makes it boring. The track 5 “Bestial Perversion” is the best for me; it has something similar to old Sepultura, which is a fucking great thing for this old Sepultura fan (me)!!! To finish some solos and tremolo sounds reminds me Mortem, I dunno why!!! It is a traditional Death Metal piece, no modern shit. Take 1 copy writing to Willie Desamero, check contact at the end of the interview. Or take 1 from Evil Spirit Distro, ‘cos I have the tape version from Carnal Sadist Prod.

Profaner (Per) – Zombie Curse demo tape 2008: old, rotten and classic death metal you will find here. 4 tracks of pure Death, Massacre and Autopsy worshiping. Riffs are simple and raw, no technicism here, only the old essence of death. Lyrics are inspired on zombies and that shit, some influence of some 80s terror films I could find on this; dude, it are the films that I like!!! Then if you find some rememberment of Impetigo you won’t be wrong. Well, what the fuck? This is a new band which wants to open its way in the underground, then support this freaks, ‘cos they’re on the right way. Contact the zombie dealer at:

Recrucify (Per) – Grimorium Verum demo tape: Rrroooaaarrrggg!!!! Some bestial black/death here. Again from the Peruvian hordes this band Recrucify strikes without mercy!!! It has 5 tracks of satanic lust and devil worshipping. Tracks as Bestia Negra (great title in Spanish!), Fukk in the Pentagram or Nunphomans talks by itself. The demo has some changes in drums, the whole is not a brutal extremely and unstopping drummimg, but changes to give it a variance. Riffs are in the raw and rotten style and no technic shit, it means Metal as the old ways!!! Maybe the voice should to have a bit more volume as I would wish, but the rest of the production is simply killer!!! So if you have the proud to call yourself a mutant bastard, go and get it!!! By the way the demo comes in 2 editions, some with red logo letters (which is the normal version) and the other with golden letters on cover which has some sticker to put in some place. Extra information on the interview in this issue!!!

Retaliador (Bra) – Ultra Violencia demo tape: The 1st thing that comes to my mind when I heard this demo is Mutilator; I’m talking about a violent instrumental Intro. The 2nd assault is more on thrash mosh sounds, a voice with reverb reminds us some old bands from the genre. The lyrics are in Portuguese, an interesting thing for some seekers of the exotic stuff (just 2 tracks in English). I like the cover, some simple work and draw which could be from a 80s band without problem. Here you can find some sounds as Dorsal Atlantica, Taurus, the old Vulcano. The track 5 “Guerreiros do Inferno” is the emblem of this demo; the violence and 80s feeling from brazilian bands are present for sure. The production is made by Atomic Nuclear desolation from Chile, but I think is better if you contact directly the guys from the band and give your support. Write to Jeff “Insane Thrasher” Heavy Metal ate o Inferno CARAJO!!!

Sectioned (USA) – Elme Promo Cdr: Some old death metal you’ll find on this promo. 1st track is on the style of Massacre, Master, Benediction, early Vomitory and similars. The 2nd track has a bit of blast beats, but still has the old feeling, by the way, more quiet than 1st track. I think guitar solos has some particular atmosphere, which transmit an obscure and darkness sensation. 3rd track “My love of decay” (?) reminds me some sounds as old Obituary, following a “quiet” death Metal riffs. For my taste songs are too long; track 3 has more than 6 min., some repetitive riffs could make it a bit boring. Followers of old style & “quiet” death metal, enter in contact.

Thornspawn (Usa) / Enshadowed (Gre) -  Split Promo CDr: Maybe I’m not the best reviewer for this kind of black metal, but I’ll try.  Promo starts with Thornspawn, an inmiserycord Black Metal and in the classic style: raw, violent and dirty. This is a promo from the split called “6 Black Candles, 6 rotting Hearts, 6 Sacrifices for Satan”. 10 tracks on this promo (really what could be the difference with the official release? I think just the booklet and that). It was released on December 2007. Also in Thornspawn part, some classic slow parts from the style are founded; too simply, too noisy, underproduced and minimalist; just the enough. Enshadowed part is more on the Black / Death style. A non – stopping drums machine, full of blast beats are beside catchy riffs. Riffs are very raw and with the cold feeling. Some rare blast beats in the last song (as Krisiun?) “Fly the Christian pigs”. Some riffs that sounds good, but for my taste, the kind of blast beating is not the best company for this.


Cadaverous Smell zine # 1 (Fra): A bit more than 60 A4 pages. This zine is made with the old cut n paste style, pasting over flyers, some morbid draws and similar shit. On this you’ll find some underground death noise as: Incrust, Funebrarum, Cacodaemon, Necroccultus, Sanctifier (a lot of great death metal!) and many more into black as Korihor, or Heavy as Metal Inquisitor. An interesting matter that led me to enter in contact and trade to get this stuff, is that some Peruvian bands are featured, as: Mortem, Evil Damn (long replies!), Anal Vomit (short replies!), Levifer. Questions are focused to get the basic and enough info, I think. Few reviews, total comprehension ‘cos it’s the 1st issue and I think not a lot of people (or nobody?) sent anything to be reviewed (as in this Metal paper that you’re reading). This dude uses big font, I think if he wants to show us 60 pages, and uses small font, the info could increase and be really huge! Perhaps in France postal service is cheap and he doesn’t care to use a lot of pages while he could to use less ones. Nowadays (Dec. 08) the 2nd issue is near to come. Contact the editor at: Christophe Mercier / La Chimonette / 08170 Fepin / France. Or write to save money:

Demon’s Jail zine #1 (Chi): This zine is too interesting to know about Chilean scene, a lot of chilean bands reviewed, also Chilean zines reviewed and Chilean bands interviewed as: Denying Nazarene, Asesinato, Miserycore or Bruma. The format of zine is A4 and has 43 pag. Cut n paste style and some draws at the borders. For sure a good issue to know about Chilean scene, which seems to have a lot of Metal activities by there, and in several parts of the country. For now (dec. 08) issue 2 is on progress. Contact: Demon’s Jail zine / Casilla # 1560 / Correos de Chile / Sucursal Mall Plaza / Antofagasta / Chile. Or

Devilment zine # 2 (Fra / U.K.): This zine is run by a French dude who lives in England. A4, a bit more than 25 pages; the classic cut n paste is present with really obscure and darkened draws and pics; interesting for the eye. First of all, this dude has something in mind and sees Metal as an ideology, not just music (which I’m total agree and think the same) and show his thoughts in a “Deaditorial” in which links topics with psychology, philosophy and even anthropology (I think this dude has some intellectual characteristics, not just the “Metal means alcohol, sex, drugs” dude). This is featured on interviews and reviews, ‘cos the dude uses his philosophic knowledge to make questions and some literary touch, or even poetry to make the reviews. For sure the dude has style; however, this “style” takes out a bit of clearness and direct info. And a bad thing is that the most of reviews hasn’t the contact (why a lot of zines doesn’t put the contact in the review part?). As interesting point I should to mention the int. with Reverorum ib Malacht, in which the band’s dude are extremely linked with philosophy, occultism and a particular points of view; total interesting to read (but I think not a lot of people will understand the whole int.). Let’s wait the next issues, ‘cos Flavien is now on 3 or 4. Contact him at:; or Flavien Monier / 1 Westgrove Terrace / CV32 6EA / Leamington Spa / Warwickshire / UK.

Exterminio zine #3 (Mex): 50 pages (including covers), A4. This Metal paper comes from México and because of this show us some info. from this scene, interviewing bands as: Infernal Conjuration (good tastes!), The Light of the Dark (some of you should known this ‘cos the split with Throneum), Voltax (good classic Heavy Metal) and other bands from Latinamerica as Witchtrap (Col) or Necrolisis (Crc); also some old, but not well known (at least not for me) band from USA as The Path into death/doom and Crucifier from Greece (sociopolitical Thrash) among others. It has the “classic 3”: interview, bio, review. Made by PC, cover and inlay (hey Diego I think ink printer should be cheap there isn’t it? I couldn’t make the same here!). An interesting point for me was to know about some Mexican zines, some of this with particular styles as Gods of Iron zine (good name dude, you take off me, the idea to put a Running Wild title as moniker, shit!), well, check by your own. Issue #3 of Exterminio should be near to come, in which Diego will feature some Mexican bands linked with topics from it’s ancient cultures; then contact to know more about the whole of this: Diego Contreras / H. Galeana # 502 Col. Centro / CP 96400 / Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz / México. E – Mail:

Evil’s Beast zine #1 (Isr): Don’t ask me a lot of this stuff, ‘cos it is written in Hebrew!!! So I didn’t understand anything, except by some monikers of bands. But I wanted to get this zine ‘cos it comes from a country not with a lot of Metal tradition (even if the editor is Russian). Also I wanted to write about the existence of this zine, ‘cos the editor Sergei is a dude with real underground tastes and he turned in one of my underground comrades in the other side of the globe. Then if you like to check some pics, some strange figures (which really are letters!), and you want to have exotic zine stuff for your collection, enter in contact: (I think the snail mail address was here but I couldn’t read any shit!). Or learn a bit of Hebrew and read! I think some of us would wish that next issue would be in English, think it my friend. (and until I know issue 2 is on English!, good dude.)                         

Goat Cult Perversion zine #1 (Ger): When I started to read a couple of interviews, I think the stuff isn’t very good, it is ‘cos the dude repeat the same questions (and I mean exactly the same words!!!), for the most of bands featured. But when I’ve read the Impetigo int. I think “the cost is paid!”. Mark the guitar Impetigo dude, really has the spirit alive, even if he is out from the scene: long replies, with dedication, giving a lot of info. talking about releases, the last reunion gig few years ago; and I think this int. has the thing that the real underground warriors want: info.!!! On other matter a good point, even if the questions are extremely repetitive, is that the editor show us aprox. 30 bands! Yeah, a lot, then you can find and check by your own. I knew here some bands unknown, at least for me, as: Necrosexual Rites (speed/black from Italy), Necroholocaust (Sgp), Denouncement Pyre (Aus), Sadomator… among others, not a lot known in the scene. By the way this stuff has no reviews and the dude Marco (editor) has the support of some Peruvian dudes for some interviews, as in example Goat Penis interview. And also Marco shows some interest in Perú, ‘cos he ask to some bands if they know something about my lands; thanks for that interest in my country man! (but not a lot of bands knows any shit!) The whole stuff is on gloosy paper. Enter in contact at: Marco Roch / Heuberg 31 / 91567 Herrieden / Bavaria – Germany. Or

Morbid Tales zine # 2 (Can): Some day I was lurking on the web for Metal info. and I found some Canadian webzine. Then I checked a zine run by a 13 years old girl!!??!!?? I said: What the fuck???, quickly I decided to enter in contact and trade. This zine is in A5, 48 pages, using cut n paste, very attractive for the eyes. This issue features some old bands as: Anvil, Witches Hammer, Cloven Hoof (one of the most supportive on the zine). The questions are simple, and some of the interviews seems to be made in direct (as Rammer by example). An interesting part which talks about some Metal shops in Montreal. I like this, even if it’s unusefull until I’d be there, ‘cos it shows the idea about the scene there (some old vinyls are found there and a shop ran by a Peruvian dude if I’m not wrong). The issue is made by the girl and also a guy called Black Metal Jo (even if he isn’t really focused on black Metal as he says). This guy seems to be a defender of ladies, because in some review criticizes a band that “promotes violence and sexism” and offenses women ‘cos show them as “sexual toys”. A real gentlemen. To finalize the issue some vinyl reviews. Actually this zine is in the issue 5 or 6, # 2 is from 2005 (someone could ask why I got very past issues ah?), and if I’m not wrong only Satannick (the girl) remains, and she should to grew up for sure. Contact the lady at: Annick Giroux / 1486 Rue Pre Fontaine / Montreal, QC / HIW 2N5 / Canada. Or write an e – mail to: (which you’ll wait a lot to be replied, ‘cos the girl is a bit busy. Just for info. the girl supported Barbatos on bass while this band played in Montreal).

Necroscope zine # 20 (Pol):  man, what the fuck I could say??? Simply it is the biggest and most underground info. on paper zines that each mortal can find (mortals involved in underground of course, not the “simple”). A lot of bands interviewed, a lot of reviews from bands that maybe you won’t know that exists if is not by Necroscope. Also including sections as “The forgotten race” which are interviews for tape traders. The questions are deep, cos the dude Adam knows his work, and he knows of course a lot of the underground, not from nowadays, but since a lot of time ago!!! Then simply you will find the best information about the underground world here. Around of 100, A5 pages and not a lot (or no one?) of pics, small font, and that!!! Simply get it and take some info of the deep underground!!! Adam Stasiak / Ul. Zakopianska 42 – 3 / 80 – 139 Gdansk / Poland. Or

Occult Bleeding zine # 3 (Bos): Again a Death Metal zine. The most are in the USA style (maybe I could say Cannibal Corpse style), which for some will be a real delight, ‘cos here appears bands really not well known, from some parts of Europe; bands as: Datura, Daggerspawn, Dead Congregation (known in the underground), Defilement, Fleshripper and others. Then you’ll get some bands into the called brutal and a bit technic sounds, however bands that doesn’t belongs to the mass, and with an underground status. PC style, pro cover with a great cover art (made by Diego Corbalán from F.O.G.; his draws kills!). Some reviews, the most in the same style as the bands interviewed, even some review of Cannibal Corpse stuff. Interviews are direct without digging in other things apart from band matter. Contact Milan Mandic at: D. Karajzovci 38 A / 78418 Nova Topola / Republic of Srpska / Bosnia. Or (this dude is also the frontman of Lithopedion, a band fucking great for those fans of the early Cannibal Corpse!).

Putrefactive Effect zine # 3 (Fra): This was the 1st zine that I got from Europe, asking for a trade by the way. Here we have a zine focused into Death Metal. Interviews with bands into old death metal style as Death Evocation or Severance, some of the called “brutal” as Charnier, some bit technic as Forbidden Cult or Pestifer, and others in 90s USA death style as Enthrallment. It has reviews from stuff of different styles, a good amount and also zines reviews, which is always interesting to have “Metal bibliography” to make an underground investigation. An interesting interview with Wan Syamsul from Deadhead zine / Afterlife Prod. (using cut n paste). And some face to face game between Erik from Shrunken n Mummified zine and Adam from Necroscope. The style is made by PC and a bit cut n paste here and there. Jim Beautour / Bec Oisseau / 16230 Juille / France. E – Mail:

Revelations of Doom zine #1 (Per): If you want to know about the Peruvian scene, you must to have this zine! A total obligation for that “Peruvian worshippers” (I think are some of this by there). It features a lot of bands, maybe the most relevant as: Goat Semen, Anal Vomit, Evil Damn, Cadaver Incubador, Gore, Teratos; some a bit new: Crown of Worms (RIP), Lord Sanguinary, etc… A lot of bios with more peruvian bands. Report from Desaster (Ger) gig in Perú, and just a bit of reviews. It comes with gloosy covers, xeroxed pages, aprox. 30 in A4. Not more to say, I think it is interesting for some people. Issue 2 is on progress. Contact: Jorge Bobadilla Walther / Jr. Filadelfia 1709 – Urb. Perú / Lima 31 – Perú. E – mail:

Sangwitok zine # 6 (Mal): This issue is from 2008 first of all! A “fatty” A5 zine, 100 pages. A good zine to know about the Asian scene. The whole is written in small font, it means a lot of info. here. Lay out is in cut n paste and also using PC, then you’ll find tradition / modernity. The zine begins with a lot of undergrouns news, talking about releases, info, distros, zines. Small font = good info, but… just a critic, perhaps some parts with white letters and black pages aren’t well visualized and isn’t easy to read (or perhaps I’m loosing my vision…). Another things is that some ints. Are in native language, then of course I didn’t understand anything. The most bands unknown for me, as: Infernal Rites, Sanguineous or Stench of Virginity. I’ve learned some about the U.G. here (in this moment I’m passing from 2008 to 2009 dude!!!). I think the editor has good humor and shows us a lot of happiness in some passages of the interviews. Aprox. 20 per each. I want to mention the int. with Dictator, in which the frontman talks about some politic situation in his country (a matter that hasn’t any link with Metal but I wanted to say it); and also the band gave it’s first int. for a Peruvian zine; good! Contact this Asian comrade on the following:

Satanic Malediction zine # 6(66) (Bra): This Metal stuff is a brazilian one, and as you check the moniker is diabolous! 60 pages on A4 will show the whole stuff into Black and Death Metal. The style used is the traditional cut n paste, ‘cos the dude wants to keep the old spirit, even this is seen on the interviews, ‘cos the dude asks about the “changes” of new times. Interviews are not only for bands, but zines too (Osculum Obscenum, Vampyrium Spectrum, Prophecies of Pagan Fire); some support to brazilian bands on int. (Sign of Hate, Rottenness, Vulturine, Benemmerinnen and Corpus Cristii (Por)…) but only 5 and a good amount of reviews from demo tapes (the most black metal), to CD and CDrs (here appears other styles as thrash) and to finalize LPs and EPs reviews!!! great for the collectors. A sad shit is that no contacts appears, however this is a good metal paper to take notice about the brazilian underground activities, at the end you can contact the editor and ask for the bands contacts, I think. Then send questions to: Irlan Asaradel / Rua 2 de Julho, 528 / Centro – Alagoinhas – BA / Cep: 48051 – 190 / Brazil. Or the virtual mail:

Shrunken n Mummified zine # 9 (Hun): Other of the first that I got. It’s on A4, 40 pages and has really a lot of reviews from zines and bands. Some bands really unknown from countries as Romania or Ukrania, too underground! Style is made by PC with small font, then you’ll get a lot of info here. Bands interviewed are really not well known, some of this mix styles with grind or some experimental, some bands are: Iron Batasuna, Obscene Gesture, Moonfog, Death Evocation, Eternal Bleeding, Ravendark’s Monarchal Chanticle; etc. Some reviews are for stuff linked with another styles as hardcore, even I remember a punk comp. reviewed. Anyway, you could get a lot of info here, even I took a lot of my contacts checking on the whole reviews (you should to get time to read the whole!). This dude has moved from Hungary to Czech Rep. then just I show the e – mail: (for now the dude is releasing issue 10).

Tervilles zine #2  (Fra): I receive this zine, read fast an immediately make a review (on 21 Jan. ’09), in less than 10 min. or so. It is a little zine, but interesting for me, it features bands as: Denial of God, Church Bizarre, Desaster, Nunslaughter. Written in English and 2 int. in French. A5 and 14 pages. Only interviews, no reviews on this. The lay out style is cut n paste, but it seems to be made by PC, I dunno, but it seems strange. Issue 3 is on progress now, we hope for next issue some reviews included. Contact the editor for info. to get the zine, or any shit: Stephane Vertey / Chemin du Fort Bonnelle / 52200 Langres / France. E Mail:

Thrash Attack zine # 1 (Ger): Do you think it’s a full thrash zine? Fucking right! A5, 40 pages, cut n paste. It features bands as: Tankard, Nocturnal, Sauron, Gama Bomb. Some reviews which shows some unknown thrash Metal (at least for me) as: Eure Erben (with Darkness members), Insane from Italy, Norace from Brazil (some forgotten stuff), Old (black / thrash from Germany) and Redimoni from Spain, just for example. Some distros / mailorder are mentioned, useful to get some stuff and a certain sentence of this guy, about black Metal, appears: “… the only real Black Metal is the first wave: pure Speed / Thrash with satanical lyrics!!! Fuck the rest!!!”. This 1st stuff is from ’06, but I wanted to review here. For now the dude has progressed a lot and is in the issue 5 or 6, has increased pages and covers shows primitive draws; great!. I’d want some of new issues to know more about. Florian Grill / Ganghoferstrasse 10 G / 83043 Bad Aibling / Germany. E – mail:

Visao Underground zine #9 (Bra): This is a little zine pro printed in which brazilian bands are featured, and only one foreigner from Panamá (Equinoxio). Brazilian bands featured are: Impetuous Rage, Insanctification, Mitra, No Blest among a bit more. It has some reviews from brazilian stuff, then it could be good to get for those ansious to know about this scene, ‘cos this country has a lot of states and you can find a Metal bands in the most of this. Then try a check and contact. Elton Lima / CP 1559, Ag. Centro / Belém-PA / CEP: 66.017 – 970 / Brazil. E – Mail: